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ImerCoal® Moisture-Tolerant Rock Dust

ImerCoal Moisture-Tolerant Rock Dust is the new innovative rock dust solution for American coal mines with wet or high-moisture environments. When exposed to water, the new rock dust doesn’t cake, ensuring its functionality in these environments to prevent explosions from propagating throughout a mine. This provides an increased level of safety for miners and due to its durability, it is expected to require less maintenance than conventional dusts and therefore reduce costs and frequency of reapplication.

IMERYSProductShotslider[1]Our new moisture-tolerant rock dust is currently being tested live in the US coal mines and is widely available in trial quantities throughout the US.

Key Features

  • Hydrophobic
  • Superior white marble
  • Meets the standards of 30 CFR 75.2
  • Same application methods as conventional rock dusts


  • Cost savings with decreased need of reapplications due to caked dust
  • Smoother flow through application equipment
  • Increased level of safety in wet or humid mine conditions

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