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FiberLink® – Mineral Additive for Nonwoven Applications


FiberLink is the latest development in nonwoven and mineral technology. This product has been specifically designed to enable the amount of resin used in nonwoven production to be substantially reduced. This brings about cost savings to the producer, whilst also reducing the overall carbon footprint of the final product.

Improved Appearance

In specific applications the addition of FiberLink will produce product enhancements, such as improved opacity at the same weight per unit area. This will give the nonwoven sheet a better cosmetic appearance.

Better Filtration / Dust Capture

In nonwoven filtration applications, the filtration efficiency is often improved as there is improved dirt holding capacity and better capture of fine particles when FiberLink® is added to the polymer melt.

Increased Absorption Efficiency

The mineral polymer composite that is created with FiberLink may have a different texture and feel to it which can make it more suitable in certain applications such as wipes. This is combined with an improvement in the absorption capacity per unit volume of the sheet, compared to a product produced from virgin polymer material.

Reduced Environmental Impact

While the addition of FiberLink to the polymer helps save on both raw material and process costs, thus reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact of the final product, the major key functional properties are maintained or, in certain cases, improved, depending on the loading of the additive.

Good Processability

The design of FiberLink is such that it can allow for up to 40% by weight loading into the polymer in certain applications.  The tailored particle size distribution, specifically the top cut of the mineral, means the addition of FiberLink will not cause disruption to the manufacturing process by increasing pressure build up or causing blockages.  In fact, due to the addition of FiberLink often the line speed can be increased, or the processing temperature reduced, due to the higher thermal conductivity of the polymer mineral composite. This provides additional process cost and environmental savings to the final product.

Global Presence

FiberLink products are manufactured in Europe, the USA and Asia, based on an engineered calcium carbonate, specifically treated for use in this application.  This latest product from Imerys complements its wide range of film and plastic additives, covering applications across polyolefin, PVC, engineering thermoplastics, thermosets and other polymer bases.


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