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Product Spotlight

Our I-Blūm Calcium Carbonate products are meticulously engineered to fulfill specific needs within the human body. Imerys understands the food & beverage industry, bringing our expertise and passion to assist you and your customers in pursuit of happier, healthier lives. The goals we have are simple: provide the best nutrition possible with uncompromising quality standards.

With I-Blūm Calcium Carbonates, our customers can enhance the calcium content of various food and beverages, positively impacting the health and well-being of the customers they diligently serve..

Key Product Features
• High Purity
• Low Lead Content
• Available in Multiple Particle Sizes
• Improved rheological and flux properties
• Anti-caking
• Thermal stabilizer (extrusion process)
• pH corrector

Our ground and precipitated I-Blūm products are carefully produced with high-quality minerals from Mexico and Brazil offering our customers a variety of options that provide the flexibility to meet specific processing conditions and formulation.

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