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latex free medical gloves on white

Fine ground carbonates are used in Rubber applications as high loading extenders, rheological improvers, and processability enhancers with little or no impact on the hardness or other mechanical properties. Surface treated grades can be used to ease handling and improve dispersion. Precipitated and ultrafine calcium carbonates can also provide a certain level of reinforcement to rubbers.

Imerys’ Carbital N products are specially recommended in natural latex gloves where they can improve mechanical, thermal and ageing properties while providing reinforcement.

SuperMicro uncoated GCC from Brazil provides dimensional stability, hardness and cost reduction.

Application Specific Benefits

Extension & Extrudability
Ability to maintain the compression set performances
Tackification when added on the surface of finished or semi-finished rubbers
Improved mechanical, thermal and ageing properties
 Product reinforcement
Surface finish enhancement, particularly in grades specially engineered for low moisture
Natural electrical insulation