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Plastisol and Sealant for Automotives

car_assemblyPlastisols and sealants are widely used in the automotive industry for coating, bonding, sealing, and sound damping. Calcium carbonate is the basic raw material in Plastisols and Sealant for Automotive applications and we provide an unparalleled range of coated and uncoated PCC & GCC products for many chemistries used in the industry.

Application Specific Benefits

Low moisture content and uptake
Rheology modification & stability
Tensile strength enhancement
Toughening agent
Opacification and /or whitening
Easy dispersion
Excellent balance of anti-slump and extrusion properties
Good viscosity stability with time; High yield value and low high-shear viscosity (pseudo-plasticity)
 Fast recovery from high shear application (thixotropy)
Allows for higher loading for cost savings