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Oilfield Solutions

Carbonate%20Ore[1]Imerys manufactures and supplies a large range of calcium carbonate products for the oilfield industry. Our portfolio acts as key components of drilling fluids as they can be used as both weighting agents and bridging materials. Imerys also provides highly soluble sized marble which is perfectly adapted for reservoir completion fluids. Reservoir fluids, commonly called completion fluids, are specially designed to minimize formation damage when drilling into the reservoir section or ‘payzone’.


Imerys’ portfolio covers all the sizes needed for your oilfield applications,Carbonate%20powder[1] from very fine particles (2, 5 microns) to middle size particles (10, 20, 40, and 200 microns) and large particle size distribution (700, 1200, and 2400 microns).

Application Specific Benefits

In drilling fluids, the controlled particle size specification of Imerys marble-based calcium carbonate makes them ideally suited as both weighting agents and bridging materials to prevent lost circulation.

For reservoir completion fluids, Imerys ground marble carbonate powders provideMarble%20microscope[1] a high acid solubility which aids in external filter cake formation and allows for easy removal during the completion phase.


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