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Coal Mine Safety

Imerys’  ImerCoal product line offers rock dust for use in the coal mining industry. Rock dust is commonly applied to the roof, ribs, and floor of the coal mine to help prevent explosions from propagating through a mine. This result is achieved by the rock dust dispersing in the air along with the coal dust when an explosion concussion pushes through to neutralize the combustible coal dust.

Application Specific Benefits

ImerCoal Rock Dust is suited for dry mine operations and provides conventional rock dust protection along with a superior white color. ImerCoal Moisture Tolerant Rock Dust is suited for mine environments that experience high-moisture.

ImerCoal Moisture-Tolerant Rock Dust

Our new, moisture-tolerant rock dust is designed to prevent caking in high-moisture or wet mine environments. Its properties help to ensure better functionality in these conditions than conventional rock dusts. This new product can also be applied using existing application equipment without any additional difficulty. Depending on the mine environment, a decrease in the frequency of reapplication is expected due to its durable, moisture-tolerant properties.

Imerys is currently working on live mine trials of this innovative product which should provide an increased level of safety for miners in these environments along with other maintenance benefits.

Interested in testing this innovative product in your operations? You can request a trial size HERE.


ImerCoal™ Rock Dust for Coal Mines – North America, June 2015

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