Imerys, Transform to perform

Adhesive, Caulk & Sealant

ACS%203[1]Imerys Carbonates offers an unparalleled particle size range of GCC, PCC and ultrafine PCC, both coated and uncoated, specifically designed for the ACS industry.

Our ImerSeal line of products is engineered for use in high-end adhesive and sealant applications. SuperMicro GCC offers performance and cost reduction in formulations in Brazil. Socal and Winnofil round out our PCC ACS product families with a wide range of benefits from rheology modification to tensile strength enhancement, to opacification, to whitening.

Application Specific Benefits

Low surface area and low oil absorption/adsorption to enable higher loadings and low moisture content.
Enhanced color control
Optimized interaction with the polymers
Very low moisture uptake for performance and storage stability


Adhesive, Caulk & Sealant Applications – North America, 2013